Friday, September 28, 2012

An Interview/Review with Author Ruth P. Watson of Blackberry Days of Summer

In an exciting historical whodunit, a young black man is murdered and even though suspects abound, no one is trying too hard to find his killer. The novel begins as “The Great War” is coming to an end. As Robert Parker’s body is lowered into the grave, Herman Camm introduces himself to the mourning family. He is a beady-eyed, small-framed, well-dressed man with a mysterious stare—and he is about to drastically change the lives of three women: Mae Lou Parker; her daughter, Carrie; and Pearl Brown. On Christmas Eve in Jefferson County, Virginia, trouble arrives when Carrie reveals a disturbing secret that will haunt and change their lives forever. Mae Lou is fed up with Herman spending time with other women and she goes to confront him. Everybody wants a part of him, including Willie; however, the tables are slightly turned when Willie ends up with a gun pointing directly at him. All of the stories converge when Herman is found dead from a shotgun wound. There are many people Herman has offended. And all three women are suspects in his murder. An investigation is launched. But no one really cares, including the police. Blackberry Days of Summer is a brilliantly crafted story of family secrets, complexity and the courage of forgiveness.

About the author:
Ruth P. Watson lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and son. She divides her time between being a business owner, writer, and educator. She has a master’s degree and is currently working on a new novel and documentary, which soon will be released.

How did you start out your writing career? I started writing poetry as a child, but didn’t write anything much until later in life. My writing begin to take on a new personality in Corporate America. I would write for the newsletter in my organization. Everything seemed to flourish around ten years ago. I queried the local paper and submitted a story and it was published. From that point, I’ve rekindled my passion for the written word.
What did you learn while writing this book? I learned each of the characters appeal to somebody somewhere in most communities.
What did you hope to accomplish with this book? My goal is always to inspire. I think “Blackberry Days of Summer” speaks to the complexities of life. It will move, entertain, and above all create feelings of hope, love and even anger for the challenges of the main character Carrie.
What came first with this story, the characters or the plot? Why? The plot came first, and then the characters were created and now there’s a story.
What has surprised you most about becoming a published author? It has surprised me to find out so many people do not read, and the many who can’t read.
What aspect of writing do you love the best, and which do you hate the most? I love putting together the plot and developing the characters, writing the story. I do not hate any part of writing, however editing has to be the most challenging.
How do you conquer writers block? Just by writing anything to create the desire to do more. You sort of work your way through it.
What books are on your to read list? I’m so eclectic. I read everything. I can’t really say what’s on my list right now, since I’m doing more writing than reading these days.
Has having a writing career always been your dream? I’ve always known I’d write a book, but how it would come about, I was not sure about.
Can you give us one do and one don’t for those aspiring to be a writer? Do follow your passion. If writing is what you want to do, please do it. And, don’t allow anyone to predict the outcome of your dream.
What is your writing process? How do you feed your writing muse? I write best in the early morning or late at night. I write in bed on my laptop and in my office. I feed my muse with meditation and visualization.
Within the next five years what stage do you expect to be in your career? I hope to be writing and producing plays and film.
When you're not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time? I don’t have much spare time, but I enjoy community service, swimming, dancing and spending time with my family.
What do you do to interact with your readers? Book discussions are a fantastic way to interact with the reader. I respond to my emails and contribute to blogs when I can. I love my readers and supports.
Can you give us a sneak peek of your next book? Well, just say people are still wondering about Mr. Camm’s killer. I’m not telling (lol).
How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website) My website is and I can be reached on facebook, and twitter at ruthpwatson. My email is

Book review: Blackberry Days of Summer

Author: Ruth P. Watson

Reviewer: Minolta White
Rating: Five stars

Carrie Parker's world is falling apart in front of her eyes and there's nothing she can do about it. Mae Lou Parker, her mother is an unaffectionate strong woman that desires the constant presence of a man around. Shortly after burying her husband Mae Lou finds comfort in the arms of city slicker and ladies man Herman Camm. Mae Lou may have Herman's heart but not if Pearl Brown has anything to do with it. Pearl Brown, an unhappily married thirty something lounge singer is madly in love with Herman whether he likes it or not. The author paints a vivid picture of 1919 from the LeDroit Park neighborhood near Howard University to Jefferson County, Virginia. In a time where black people are known as colored like to unwind along “The Colored Broadway.” The author allows each character to tell a story that eventually weaves all three major characters together seamlessly. Throughout the story I find myself rooting for Carrie, crying over Pearl's broken heart, and hoping Mae Lou realize the snake living inside Herman Camm. As the story unfolds we learn deep dark secrets about each woman that play a major role in their individual perspective on life and love. As a special bonus the writer clues us in on the title of the novel that’s beautifully woven into the tale. With authentic characters, well developed plot, vivid descriptions of history, and the talent for allowing the characters to breathe life into each word the author has created a timeless classic. Before the story ends I found myself unable to stop reading and wanting to share such a rare gem in literature today. Ruth Watson has not only cemented her name in literature but in the hearts of many.