Monday, October 8, 2012

An Interview and Review with Author Senica Evans of Married to Him

Him takes you on a journey through a riveting, heartbreaking, drama filled, tumultuous marriage. He is verbally and mentally abusive and can't seem to control his incessant cheating. But it didn't start that way! They met and became the best of friends. Almost inseparable from the start. As his true self was slowly being revealed the relationship picked up speed and eventually began to spin out of control. She saw the signs but her desire to keep her family intact was far greater. Despite the craziness, her love for him fueled the drama fire and his selfishness was the wind that kept it ablaze. There was a lesson to be learned from all of this and she was determined to figure it out.
Married to Him invites you in with a cover that tells a powerful story… a story of pain and redemption… something almost all of us can relate too.

About the Author
Author, freelance writer and copywriter, and ghostwriter. I am passionate about writing and have often been accused of setting words on fire! This is the result of when passion meets purpose.
How did you start out your writing career?
I’ve been a writer since I could remember… poems, songs, love letters, rants, I wrote everything. At least that’s what I called myself doing. My actual writing career didn’t start until I got tired of living the rat race, working a job I really wasn’t that interested in. I told my children to do what they love but I wasn’t following my own advice. Since I always tell people… “Practice what you preach.” I decided it was high time I did. I started out with a blog ( about relationships and I’ve since started two other blogs. I also write for various digital publications and am working on the print ones now. I am also a copywriter and ghostwriter.
What did you learn while writing this book?
I learned people can be healed through words. I learned reading my own words is also therapeutic. I learned that although my story may not be unique it’s a story so many women share. Writing Married to Him became more than just a book, it’s a movement and personal project. Domestic violence is shunned in today’s society and women are often belittled and ostracized by outsiders who have no clue the toil abuse takes on people and their self-esteem. I also learned as an author, writing the book is the easy part.
What did you hope to accomplish with this book?
I have reached several women and young adults through Married to Him and offered them encouragement and enlightenment about the struggle in overcoming a destructive relationship. I also deliver hope and a reminder to listen to your gut - which won’t ever steer you wrong.
What came first with this story, the characters or the plot? Why?
Since Married to Him is a memoir, the entire story came first. I lived and journaled – as a release – this story and was able to capture the essence of the entire saga. I felt like I was living in a soap opera.
What has surprised you most about becoming a published author?
Becoming a published author is the easy part – where your journey begins. There so much that needs to happen after your book is published… marketing, platform development, sales, events, etc. Even if you go the traditional route, publishers are still requiring you have all these pieces in play before they accept your manuscript. The other surprise for me was how much weight ‘published author’ carried. People are often surprised and intrigued when you say, “I’m an author.”
What aspect of writing do you love the best, and which do you hate the most?
I love putting my thoughts down on paper, for whatever reason. I let it all out then the comes the dreadful part of editing. Carefully selecting which words should stay or be moved and in what order. Punctuation is a headache because there are so many rules and some punctuation is more flexible than others. Determining the right style to convey the right message is a challenge that can be cumbersome but quite rewarding at the end. I adore the finished product! It’s worth the headache.
How do you conquer writers block?
I write. As a creative soul with a creative career, I can’t sit around and wait for inspiration to strike. I write to warm-up in a journal with basic writing prompts. If I’m still struggling to come up with ideas, I brainstorm about the subject on a piece of paper. I’ll also do a quick Google search for inspiration but I won’t read other people’s work until I’ve figured out where I’m going – their ideas start to influence mine. I write right through and sometimes around writer’s block.
What books are on your to read list?
Right now I’m immersed in writing books to perfect my craft but my to-read list contains;
5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
The Bourne Dominion by Robert Ludlum’s
Has having a writing career always been your dream?
As a child, I always wanted to be a writer but I thought they didn’t make any money. In college, I kept toying the idea of majoring in English or Journalism but again I was put off by incorrect thinking they didn’t earn a ‘great’ living. After chasing money and feeling unfulfilled and miserable, I decided to go ahead and pursue my dream. After all you only get one go around at life so why not make it one you enjoy living.
Can you give us one do and one don’t for those aspiring to be a writer?
Don’t think that publishing a book will provide an instant windfall of income. It won’t.
Do get comfortable writing in different genres and for different purposes. E.g. ghostwriting, business writing, copywriting.
What is your writing process? How do you feed your writing muse?
My writing process, regardless of purpose and genre, is first to research the topic then develop a rough outline where I define the projects purpose and desired outcome. Then I am able to create my writing plan and write. I have to edit with the hard-copy… I print the rough draft and start crossing out. I continue this process until it’s good enough for me. I feed my writing muse by always having a way to capture my ideas instantly. I don’t think about how unrealistic, far-fetched, unprepared I may be. I simply capture all the details and excitement of an idea then scour them later when I need inspiration or some new work. I write every day.
Within the next five years what stage do you expect to be in your career?
Within the next five years, I expect to have at least 2 more books published. I plan to continue growing my writing business and have articles published in the ‘glossies’ – the mainstream national magazines. I also plan to teach the business of writing courses and launch an entrepreneurial coaching program… which I have named Faith Leapers.
When you're not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Read. But to settle my mind from all the writing and reading, I love to spend time with my children and watch movies. You can also find me frequenting a spa getting a nice back and shoulder massage – result of too many hours in front of the computer. My girlfriends often kidnap me from the computer and force me out for a night on the town.
What do you do to interact with your readers?
I take Married to Him on blog tours. I also interact with readers via comments, giveaways, and the usual social media culprits… Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest. I
Can you give us a sneak peek of your next book?
I have a couple book projects I’m working on right now; Woman Free Yourself and Bourgeois Diaries.
Woman Free Yourself: A Guide to Healing from Divorce or a Heart Wrenching Breakup by Starting Over, Rediscovering You, & Crushing Bitterness, Anger, and Resentment is a practical guide to assist women in overcoming a relationship’s demise and how to get back out there successfully. This book includes real life examples and exercises.
Bourgeois Diaries takes readers on a journey through a woman’s desire to mend her bourgeois facade with her mediocre lifestyle. She portrays the opulent lifestyle in her dress, mannerism, and even the men she chooses but there’s one problem… she’s living on a shoestring budget with barely enough money to pay her rent let alone afford this bourgeois lifestyle. She has to make some decisions and quick or she runs the risk of being found out by those around her especially Jonathan, her uber successful boyfriend who believes he’s met his equal.
How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)
My email address is and below are all my links to social media and websites.
Links: Married to Him –
Website –
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Rating: 5 stars
From the beginning the story sets the tone of a regular summer afternoon with an old friend. The familiarity of the author's voice is warm and inviting. You're immediately invited into a world of a young woman living her life and love happens. Just like most romance were caught up in the moment of love and all the things that being in love brings into our lives. It begins with verbal abuse and leads up to the physical for the leading lady. Yet, as most people wonder why doesn't she just walk away, since there is nothing left to gain from the relationship. Sometimes things are easier said than done. With a powerful plot and vivid description were taken on a whirlwind of a love affair from beginning to end. Married to him is a powerful read thats not only a warning of what happens when love goes wrong. Senica gives voice and breathes life into a taboo subject that many writers and women are afraid to approach. With just the touch of her pen the author has made the impossible possible by sharing her truth and moving beyond her situation. Senica Evans writes with a powerful voice that illuminates authentictity from beginning to end. I really enjoyed taking the journey with the character. Not only did I find myself cheering for a happy ending but I learned a powerful lesson about life. I look forward to reading more from this author and experiencing her journey through her books.