Friday, November 30, 2012




Someday when your hair turns grey

When the stupid love songs stop playing

Cupid breaks his bow and arrow

Santa dies and Valentines becomes just a name

When the smoke clears and the dust settles

Autumn leaves the world behind

When hip leaves hop

Old folks get their groove on

Young lovers begin to reminisce

When the sky is more than just blue

Night and day make the sunrise

When the sensation of sin stirs your soul

When every knee bows, hands clasp, and silent prayers are sent up

Your skin starts to wrinkle

Memory fades

A simple touch causes your heart to flutter

Loves essence dares you to explore the unknown

When life bares its ugly head

When hope is all you have left

When a smile cost you nothing

Free will actually mean free

When nothing else even matters

The world stops turning

When a kiss is simply just a kiss

Someday baby

I’ll still be loving you