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An Interview with Author Dominique L. Watson of Love's Deception

Loves Deception Front Cover
Meet Monica also known as Mo’, raised by her older sister, Angie…abandoned by her mother.
At an early age she meets and moves in with her boyfriend Derrick. Not knowing the true meaning of love she falls victim to his conniving and abusive ways allowing him to make most of the decisions in her life. Derrick makes one horrible mistake that lands him in jail for five years and frees Mo’ of her obligations to Derrick.
Five years later, Derrick resurfaces. Mo’ is now a well established business woman who’s no longer interested in the life she used to live. With Derrick back he uses Mo’s weakness to get what he wants forcing her into a corner she’s not strong enough to pull herself out of. Her love for Derrick allows him to move back into her life and her heart.
Mo’s mother now clean and sober has a new found claim on life but Mo’can’t find it in her heart to forgive her mother for the abandonment years ago and reminds her of it every chance she gets.
Meanwhile, Mo’s best friend Abee has recently suffered a great loss in her family. The investigation unravels right before Mo’s eyes. She soon realizes that she knows more about this tragedy than she thought. Blinded by love Mo’ never sees the betrayal going on right under her nose from those she thinks loves her the most.
Love’s deception introduces readers to a young woman guilty of one thing, loving the wrong person. Before Monica knows it, a past she thought she left behind years ago is running right along with her, headed straight to destruction and taking Monica with it.
Love’s deception is a story about the true meaning of love, friendship and family. How our actions today, can determine our tomorrow.
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How did you start out your writing career?
-I’ve been writing since I was a young girl. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself on paper. I never dreamed of being a published author but I’ve loved to write for many years.
What did you learn while writing this book?
That being an author is very hard work. I really put my all into this book, in writing it and publishing it. I told a story that was far from my personal life. I had to dig into these characters to bring this story out. It was tough.
What did you hope to accomplish with this book?
 -I simply want to inspire. In everything I do I want to inspire others.
What came first with this story, the characters or the plot? Why?
 -The plot. I actually had a friend years ago who was in an abusive relationship and it inspired me to show men and women that love can truly blind us and make us believe that whom we love truly loves us back. When sometimes this is not always the case. We have to be mindful of where we place our biggest emotion, love.
What has surprised you most about becoming a published author?
-How well I do it. That when I am in a writing zone I really bring out the best in me. I can really tell a good story.
What aspect of writing do you love the best, and which do you hate the most?
-I would have to say the organization of it bothers me. I am an organizer at heart, in my home and with everything I do but I hate organizing my book, especially the facts of it. I am currently writing a mystery/suspense novel and there are a lot of details that I cannot mess up on. So I would say the organization of it is the hardest part for me. The part I love is writing out the scenes for my characters. Being able to talk through them and become them. It’s the best.
How do you conquer writers block?
 -I put the book away. I simply walk away. If I do not have the juice to get the words out and no inspiration is coming through me, I put it away and come back to it later.
What books are on your to read list?
 -I’m currently reading two books by JA Jance, “Frozen Heat” by Richard Castle and Die Trying Lee Child. I’d like to finish both of these series’ within the next few months.
Has having a writing career always been your dream?
 -No I never dreamed I would be a published author. I’ve just always loved to write.
Can you give us one do and one don’t for those aspiring to be a writer?
 -Do not force your writing
-Do love what you do and do it well
What is your writing process? How do you feed your writing muse?
 -When I write, for one I am in the mood to do it. I have the urge and excitement to write. If this is a new book for me then I will do character profiles and create an outline. I keep this organized so that when I am not in the mood to write and put the book away I can pick up right where I left off. I need peace and quiet to write my books. When writing poetry, I need music but for my books I just need quiet uninterrupted time to myself to get a few chapters out.
I take a few breaks here and there but I’m mostly glued to my laptop writing.
Within the next five years what stage do you expect to be in your career?
 -I plan to still write books, help authors and writers as best as I can. I have many more stories in me.
When you're not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?
 -Read. I love to read. Watch some of my favorite shows. I also crochet and make jewelry when I’m in the mood.
What do you do to interact with your readers?
-I blog, I socialize on twitter and facebook. I am a part of Linkedin and other Ning networks.  
Can you give us a sneak peek of your next book?
 Here’s a snippet from “Concealed Betrayal” due in stores October 4th, 2013
Vernell was blowing Tina’s phone up that night. He needed to talk to her. When she text him and told him that there was an emergency, he was busy visiting his friend in the hospital. Tina was not answering her phone. He knew she was around her family and couldn’t pick up but he needed to know what was going on.
Tina couldn’t answer her phone. She had everyone in her face getting ready to go back to school. Calvin was pressing her about his work shirt. Tina was worried about Candy. She’d been sick all day. The boys were fighting and Cayla wanted her hair braided. She was too busy to answer the phone.
When she finally got the chance to sit down and call, it was late. Calvin had walked into their bedroom and she knew calling Vernell was out of the question.
“Tired?” She asked her husband as she got under the sheets.
“A little. Thanks for ironing my shirt.” Calvin said after a long pause. He took a shower while Tina watched the news. She told herself that she had to call Vernell in the morning and let him know what Zora said at church. Calvin stepped out the bathroom interrupting her thoughts. He looked good. Tina watched as he dried the water off his chocolate body. She missed her husband so much. She wanted things to get back to normal with them but she knew they were far from it. When Calvin got in the bed she moved closer to him hoping they could bring a little intimacy to their marriage.
“What are you doing?” Calvin asked as Tina rubbed his back and arm.
“Don’t you miss me? Miss us?”
“Not tonight Tina.”
“It’s always not tonight. If not tonight then when, Calvin? When are you going to have sex with your wife?”
“Tina I’m not in the mood.”
Tina fell back on her pillow and crossed her arms. “Are you having an affair?”
“Of course not. I’d never do anything like that. I’m just not in the mood. I’m tired. I’m……you just don’t understand Tina. I’m going through a lot.” Tina sat quietly next to her husband. “He would never cheat but I just did.” She thought. “I’m not happy. What am I supposed to do?” She continued to think to herself as her husband spoke.
“Tina you are not being the type of wife I need you to be. I don’t need you sexually. I need you mentally, physically. I lost my mother. You don’t just get over that over night.”
“Well what about your family? What about me and your children? We need you Calvin. We need the man of our household.” Tina sat up to face her husband.
“Tina I have nothing to give. I simply can’t give you anything right now. I need you to understand that.” Calvin cut off the light to go to sleep. Tina cried herself to sleep that night.
The next morning, Tina went to see Vernell without calling or texting; something she’s never done before. She hoped Zora wasn’t there. She didn’t think Zora knew where Vernell was sleeping.
“Hey! I’ve been calling you all night. What’s wrong?” Vernell was still in his night clothes when he answered the door. Tina pushed passed him. Vernell closed the door and followed her.
“Zora knows.”
“Zora knows what?”
“About us. She knows we’re sleeping together.”
“How do you know?” Vernell sat down on the bed as he listened to Tina tell her story.
“Yesterday while I was at church, she came up to me in tears talking about she thinks you’re having an affair and why haven’t you been in church?” She asked changing the subject.
“Did she say she knew it was you? I haven’t been there cause’ I need to get away from my wife. She needs to understand we are no longer together. It’s over.”
“No” Tina stopped to look at Vernell. “But I know she knows.”
“Tina she doesn’t know anything. I finally signed my divorce papers.”
“I heard.”
“What?” Vernell stood up to hear what Tina said. “You what? How?”
Tina turned to face Vernell. She had her arms folded across her chest. “She told me you signed the papers when she came to me in tears the other day.”
“Good. Now you see that I’m serious and this is about you.”
“What? You signed the papers for me?” Tina couldn’t believe that Vernell had taken this step when she was not ready to end her marriage.”
“What are you talking about? I told you how I felt. I’m not playing second to that man.”
“Vernell, I can’t divorce him right now. I just….you just don’t understand. Things are getting complicated.”
“Like what Tina? You’re not happy right? Leave him. I can make you happy. Me, you and your children can live together. You have nothing to worry about.” Tina fell to the bed and just cried. Vernell couldn’t understand what was so hard. She came to his hotel room almost every day until recently, complaining about her life with Calvin and how unhappy she was; how tired she was. Now when he finally took the first step to leave his wife, Tina wasn’t feeling it. Vernell knew for sure that he did not want to be married to his wife. He also knew for sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tina. All he needed was for Tina to feel the same way. But at that point, it didn’t seem like it.
“Tina talk to me. What’s going on?”
After a long pause, Tina finally looked at Vernell and spoke. “I really care about you. But I feel rushed. I’m caught between my love for you and my love for my husband. I don’t know what to do. I mean you just sprung this on me. I thought that if we were going to do this, we would do it at the same time.”
“You thought? Tina we agreed a long time ago that it was over for our marriages. It wasn’t a matter of if but when. I don’t know what’s going on with you but you need to make a decision. I’m tired of playing games. I want you in my life but not until after you kiss him goodbye.”
How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)
-I can be contacted at my author website www.authordominiquelwatson.com and from there readers can email me.
I write daily at The POV Lounge: http://thepovlounge.wordpress.com
For those intercccested in Literary Career Moves, they can see the website at www.literarycareermoves.com
 Review 5 stars
Love's Deception is a powerful tale of young  love and the naive idea of finding the one quickly goes wrong. Through an emotional journey were able to experience the hidden pain behind so many young relationships.  Watson writes with confidence and pose that the storyline instantly draws you end from beginning to the end. Love's Deception is a non stop rollercoaster of emotions, drama, life lessons, and consequences. I really enjoyed Watson's to ability to convey the authentic emotion of such an ugly subject. Kudos for Watson for digging beyond the surface and allowing the reader to think outside of the box. If you're looking for a tale of passion and life lesson in love and relationships than you've made a great selection in Love's Deceptions. Love's Deception is the story for you. Go and get your copy today and see for yourself!!!