Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brand New U: Chrisette Michele

I've been a fan of Chrisette Michele since her first LP I am in 2007. With a beautiful voice, a self conscious mind, and down to earth personality Chrisette Michele is simply amazing. As a fan I've watched her evolve as an artist musically and into a phenomal woman. It began with soulful love ballads that told the stories of so many broken hearted girls. She told us its okay to be alone in Epiphany (2009) and in (2010) she enlighten a generation that is lost amongst hip hop beats and eroticism to Let freedom reign. Its a beautiful experience to watch someone grow. Today Chrisette Michele no longer sports a European mane, desires a love of a man to fill whole, or makes music just to remain relevant on gossip websites. No. Chrisette Michele is a real woman making her own rules and changing the way we see ourselves as women of color. Its been a long journey but its one she's most proud of. A journey that began with a close look in the mirror and making a decision to change her life for her and not for the industry. She began her journey like this:
The Spirit. "Midway into that, I did a 21 day detox because I really wanted to just shed everything… emotionally, spiritually. I began praying and meditating and being really close and paying attention to myself. I was still taking trips and I was still performing. "
The Hair.
"I call this cut, the box cut, ‘the rich hipster’. Also, check out Keith’s new book, Dare to Be Beautiful, it was just released yesterday."
"My album Bettter will be out next spring. I’m super excited about that and I’m sure you guys are going to love it!Also, I’m working on a book for PETA called Fat Vegan because the beautiful skinny vegans are very nice but I’m not one of them. Fat Vegan is a cook book I'm working on dedicated to dolls who wanna experience an easy, quick, and delicious vegan meal every once in a while. I offer you a sneak peak at my most FAVORITE recipe! "

Chrisette Michele has gone vegan, all natural with her hair, and is working on a brand new album. To see such a talented young woman take control of her life, health, and career is inspring to say the least. So many of us conform to this world and lose our identities in the process that we all seem to look alike. I too have made big changes in my life by eating healthier and going natural with me hair.The older I become the more healthier choices I want to make, the desire for balance grows, and the need for love and faith never changes. I'm growing and changing into the woman that I knew I could be someday. Its been a long journey but its one I'm happy to take. Its great to see I'm not alone.


Interview snippets courtesy of CurlyNikki.com