Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday

Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday
Sometimes tomorrow takes too long
Yesterday moves to fast
Present is underappreciated
Life is misunderstood by the many
Words of love are exchanged in a blink of an eye
Alluring and indefinable that thing we call love
A mythical beauty with many prisoners
She is painful and bittersweet
Those days when your heart simply won’t lie
Forgiveness is spoken in a whisper
As some memories won’t fade with time
Wishful thinking becomes reality
Moments of regret become stained on your soul
A simple hello becomes the last goodbye
A blank page filled with thoughts
An empty bed becomes preoccupied
The emptiness of life becomes filled by material things
People will come and go and leave foot prints on your heart
Time will always be inevitable to capture
Friendships will be tested
As hearts are constantly broken
Nothing will ever stay the same
They’ll always be hope for tomorrow
A dream for the future
A kiss to seal a love story untold
A breath to breathe life into
And they’ll always be a me plus you
By : Minolta White