Thursday, May 16, 2013


U. Me. Us.

by Minolta White

The night covers the sky as the stars kiss the moon. The wind caresses our senses. Autumn leaves unannounced as winter is thrust upon us. My life is constantly on the go. A breathless rhythm I can’t control. I’m always needed elsewhere or desired in some formation that yields my time. In this moment I am present. My other life is on pause. It doesn’t matter. They can wait. I’m with you. Things make sense. For once in my life…things make sense. With you I’m happi with an i. My mind is clear and my heart leads me down a spiral path of endless possibilities. Anticipation builds inside my heart at the sight of you. There he is. My heart echoes.  With you I am an open book with blank pages. We arrive at your apartment complex. A place I’ve seen quite a few times and still can’t really remember right off hand where you live. You’re talking and I’m listening. You’re always talking and I’m always listening. It’s funny but it’s a balance that most people don’t understand about relationships. I’m listening and digesting every moment so I can remember it for later. I want to remember the way you smile when you first see me or the way I reach for your hand and you hold mine. Moments, that’s all life really is. Our moments together leave me wanting more. With you I am the student and you are the teacher. A welcome change I desire. Your ability to mind fuck me makes me wet between my thighs. Sometimes I just want you to touch me there and keep fucking my brain. You interrupt my thoughts and mention how cute we’d look as a couple with our glasses.  I agree. We’re walking to your door and you mention that the dinner with your colleagues was fun and that I should’ve joined you. I can only imagine the introduction of us to the world. Were friends but the chemistry says lovers. I don’t think your colleagues would understand that aspect. They’ll read into our chemistry, blur the lines of friendship, and manipulate the world we’ve created. Simple and uncomplicated describes us. I’m not quite ready to share you with the world. I’m learning to trust in love again. You’re coming into your own and that’s something I can’t disturb. Your keys unlock the door and welcome me inside your home. I’m nervous but I hope it doesn’t show. We walk into your room each step is heavier than the next. I find comfort on your unmade bed. A bed of faceless lovers that have shared intimate moments with you. Women who’s limbs you’ve spread like eagles, exchanged intimate kisses, and have satisfied your carnal flesh. Yet, they are not here any longer. The victory is mine. Silence is golden as I watch you settle in for the evening. You’re studying me and I’m analyzing you. I’ve already decided that I like you. You’re still debating on whether I’m worthy of your heart. I like your sleepy dark brown eyes, your caramel skin, and seductive baritone, the fullness of your lips, your lean physique, the intimacy of your voice, and the sex appeal of climbing your long body. Your intelligence turns me on. There’s more to you than just what meets the eye. You’re honest with yourself and those around you. Your honesty turns me on. That’s a quality that most people never learn.
The world is set to end and I’m lying in your arms watching tv. I’m not afraid of the unexpected. I’ve learned not to live in fear, you taught me that. It’s because of you that I dream in color. You admit that there’s no one else you’d rather spend the last hours of your life with than me. I feel special. You have an ability to say whatever you’re feeling in the moment and that’s sexy. I’m moist between my thighs. I’ve waited to see you all day. I’ve prepared myself mentally and physically for this night. Know matter what happens I’m going with the flow and being myself with you. The slickness of my vagina slips through my panties. The tv is on but I’m massaging your back. I’m afraid to put all of my weight on you. I like being on top and touching your skin. To my surprise you turn around and face me. I want to run away. I want to go there with you but I don’t know what crossing the line means. We can never go back. I don’t think I want too. Your hands are pushing my pants down. I’m still inside my head. I need to relax. I ask for some liquid courage but the house is dry. I bold enough to try the weed you smoked earlier. It’s not my thing but I trust you. You instruct me to sit on your lap and teach me how to smoke.   I inhale and exhale and fall back unto the bed. You leave me on the bed and return naked. I join you and toss my clothing to the floor. I turn off the light on the nightstand. You join me in bed and lay on your back. Your dick is hard, thick, long, and pink. My mouth waters as you instruct me to get on top of you. You must be patient because in this moment I am the teacher and you are the student. I spread my lips and taste you. You’re bigger than I expected. My eyes deceived me. The taste of your dick dances on my tongue. I want all of you inside my mouth. My mouth anticipates the invasion of such a large object. Tonight this is my dick. Unclaimed territory. Tonight I will leave my mark. I open my wide as possible to receive you. Standing over you simply won’t do. I want all of you in my mouth. I want you to stand up as I throw my head back and take you. My mouth is filled to capacity as the tip of your dick greets the back of my throat. With each thrust I begin to gag on your dick. I like that. You taste me lightly between my thighs. I want to feel your tongue explore my pussy as much as you’ve explored getting to know me. I’m wet but I could always get wetter. You want me from the back and I like that. You enter me and I skip a breath. Damn, you’re big! I love the way you feel inside of me. I can feel your dick pulsating inside my walls . I need you deeper and closer to my g-spot. With every thrust I anticipate the next stroke. You feel good inside of me. Don’t stop! The deeper you go the more I desire you inside of me. You pull out and join me back on the bed. It’s my turn to show you what I’m made of. I slide my honey lips onto your dick and ride you. Damn, the size of your dick is nothing like I’ve ever felt before. You bring me closer and I can feel all the way inside of me. Your hands touch my body as we create a rhythm of passion. You’re working my pussy good with each thrust. Fast, slow, deeper penetration and strong sensations cause my body to convulse on your dick. Erotic moans escape my lips as I begin to climax. You haven’t come yet. Its my pleasure to taste your sex again. Your dick meets my lips and I swallow you deep within my mouth. Damn, you taste good. You’re stroking your dick as my tongue dances over dick. Within seconds you come and I am delighted. I go to one side of the bed and you the other. My pussy is satisfied. I give you space because this is new to me. I don’t know how you feel and I don’t want to assume. I need you to lead because in this moment I can’t. I slip back into my under clothes and join you in bed. You quench my thirst with a bottle of water. I’m watching tv when I notice you stroking your dick. You want more of me. I need more of you. Come and get it. This time I’m at your mercy as you spread my legs and enter me. You’re more aggressive and passionate this time around. I love the way my pussy welcomes your dick. The more I try to fight the sensations of ecstasy overwhelm me. I am held captive in your arms as your dick claims my pussy. You hold my hand as our sex causes me to explode on your dick. I’ve never felt as close to you before this moment. I’m breathless by the time you leave me. I want you to feel the pleasure I feel deep within my veins. Our sex permeates the room as I swallow you inside my mouth. I love the way taste. It’s the best thing I’ve tasted all day. You come and you fall asleep. I’m in an unfamiliar place so I can’t sleep. It’s not home but the tranquility of the environment is welcoming. I watch you sleep for a few moments. Deep inside I know there’s no going back. I don’t think I want too.  I know I can’t get too close to you. My heart won’t let me. Your heart is not ready. For now this moment is good enough. Time goes by and I fall asleep. Sooner than later I have to leave. Time is up. My life is calling. Your sex is on my skin and I don’t want to wash it away. We leave your home different yet unchanged. Words escape me. I’m lost. Yesterday we were just friends. Today were lovers. Tomorrow is unknown. And that’s the way it should be. The story of us is just beginning….