Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Review of Decadence by Eric Jerome Dickey

With olive skin, lengthy locks of love, and a broad grin its no wonder masterful storyteller Eric Jerome Dickey is a fan favorite and my favorite author. He`s easy on the eyes, down to earth, funny, and can make a sister take notes on pleasing her lover in and out of the bedroom.

For more than a decade Dickey has implanted characters in our hearts and minds that linger long after the last page.  From his early work in Milk in my coffee of two passionate blurring the lines of love to the heart pounding fast paced thriller Gideon series. Dickey never seems to fail in pleasing his faithful followers in providing tentilating, arousing, authentic, and thought provoking characters that will not only stay with you. But, will have you wanting more and more of the talented writer behind the pen or computer screen.

In his lastest bestseller Dickey serves a hot bowl of uber sexiness in the return of sexually appeasing Nia Simone Bijou of Pleasure. Most fans (myself included) loved the frustrated and sexually uninhibited Trinadian writer from Atlanta.  I was excited to see her return and learn of her evolution.

If you thought Pleasure was hot...you will need a towel, a cold rag, and your lover near by. Nia is an successful writer on a climatic high in her not so much relationship with a guy from a one night stand. Nia doesn`t need labels and cute things in boxes. She loves and wants sex and her unapologetic attitude makes her irrestible. Nia takes her inhibtions to another level by joining a high end adult club.

Nope I`m not going to spoil it any further than that. This is flaming hot!! Many have tried to conquer erotica with vulgar tasteless descriptions, lewd acts, and poor development of character and plot. Dickey is in a league of his own. Decadence is sexually and mentally arousing, beautifully crafted and well developed from beginning to end, vivid characters that are interwoven seamlessly, and there enough room for you to fully grasp the journey of the character.

I enjoyed this book. I `ll probably read it two more times. I highly recommend this for the woman looking to be sexually and mentally aroused. This one ladies is for the record books!!