Monday, July 29, 2013

How to kick writer`s block ass

Its no secret that writers often face the dreaded blinking black line and empty white page. After twiddling your fingers and staring into space for an idea ultimately you begin to feel defeated. Writer`s block is a vicious disease that takes over the creative process in which a writer needs to produce work. Not to worry. We`ve all been there a time or two. Here are my tips for knocking writer`s block on its ass:

Have sex: Sex is a great stress reliever and it helps to create an intimate connection with someone you love. Why not jump in the sack with your lover? It`ll not only get your creative juices flowing. It`ll take your writing to new heights.

Listen to music: Music is great motivation and inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Need to write a love scene? Listen to John Legend or Alicia Keys express love that will feed the romantic living inside of you.

Go for a walk: Sometimes it`s hard to detach yourself from your work. Nothing feeds the mind better than a change of scenery and fresh air.

Read: Readers are writers and writers are readers. Read what you love and become inspired again by the written word.

Take a break: Alot of experienced and established writers will tell you to write everyday and set a goal. If you`re wired that way than go for it. But, if you`re like me taking a day or two to gather your thoughts works best. A fresh pair of eyes does wonders for your creative spirit.

In short, writer`s block is similar to enjoying a good meal and wanting to rest afterwards. Sure, you have the desire to do something but the istis holds you captive. Don`t worry!! Writer`s block doesn`t last forever, it comes and goes like bad weather. Discover what works best for you and be productive. These are my tips for kicking writer`s block ass and I approve this message. Happy writing!!