Thursday, July 25, 2013

My summer without cable television

For most of the summer I`ve been without cable television. I know...shocker!! Wait, before you send me to the looney house. Let me explain. Since I was a kid I`ve always had a relationship with television. I met and fell in love with Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, and the loveable Cookie Monster. Good times. Tv was there for those awkward teenage years and those not so good heartaches. Its hard to imagine my life without tv. It made me happy, most of the time.

So, after my cable bill became increasingly sky high cable television and I broke up. Nope it wasn`t amicable. It took me a while to unglue the remote to my hand and unfamilarize myself with the lump on the sofa.  I did it...successfully after a few weeks.

Whats left to do in the world besides watching tv? Well, first thing I noticed, I eat more in front of the tv. Nope I`m not talking about apples and bananas. I liked the bad guys like Oreo`s and Cheetos. The more I sat, the more I ate.  Without the television I did the unthinkable...and went outside for a walk. Yep. It surprised me too and I actually enjoyed it.

I started visiting my local library again and brought my kids along with me.  Living in the city people always say, there something to do. It`s true. I enjoyed a few festivals this summer, went to a few book signings, and a picnic in the park. I`m enjoying my summer thus far and so are my kids and husband.

Here`s the best part, I`m a writer. Duh? I`ve been working on my novel, researching on how to start a freelance career, and even approached small businessess as a copywriter. Wow!! I`m even shocked. I`ve been a busy bee this summer and I have to owe it to not having a television.

I love watching tv and movies. But, it has robbed us as an society and made us overweight and lazy. I`m more focused and driven than ever. I`m practically done with my novel and I`m starting the next. Of all the things I thought I`d never do...I`m glad I did. I can see my dreams and goals come into fruition because I can dedicate the time necessary into making them realistic.

I`ve taken a positive step towards my future and it began with doing something different. You can do the same. Take a chance and get out of your own way. Your dreams are waiting for you. Go ahead write a book, learn a new skill, try a new hobby, or mingle with friends. Get moving in the right direction and your life better one step at a time. I did and you can too!!