Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remembering Author Francis Ray

Readers and writers around the world are remembering New York Times and USA Today Bestselling African American writer of romance Author Francis Ray. Her literary fiction series- Taggart and Falcon, the Invincible Women, the Grayson family of New Mexico, and Grayson and friends have consistently made the bestseller`s list.

Although I have never had the opportunity to meet the legend. I always admired the woman behind the golden pen,  eye catching photos, and timeless. I always wondered how one accomplishes so much writing. I could barely complete a sentence when she was on a fifth or tenth book.

Encouraging me to put pen to paper and stop idealizing an illustrious writing career. I admire Ms. Ray for lighting a fire on the pages of those romance novels, debunking any myths about black writers limitations, and inspiring new voices like me to keep the literary fire burning.

To the family and friends of Francis Ray may God have mercy on you in your time of bereavement.