Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 Reasons Why I Became A Writer

This past week Forbes released the list of top earners in writing with E.L. James at $95 million. Wow! That's impressive. Talk about motivation. I immediately gave my muse a rude awakening and hit the keys on my laptop until they began to bleed. I'm not an E.L. James fan personally,the respect that I have for her continues to grow tremendously. I've only been writing for a little while and pursuing your dream is not a small task for the faint of heart. Sure, I've considered giving up a time or two . When suddenly I realize I'm in the wrong business if I think its just about the cold hard cash. Nope....your passion has to outweigh your desire for red carpet movie premieres and rubbing elbows with Idris Elba.  After I kicked that thirsty money hungry monkey off my back. I decided to remind myself on why I became a writer in the first place.

1. Books, books, and more books- Back when my husband and I were dating he'd ask where I'd like to go on our dates. Sure, the latest romantic comedy would've brought us closer.  But, I wanted to spend my time in a dusty old library with endless amounts of books. After the third date my boyfriend knew I liked him and loved books.  One book led to three and three eventually led to ten. I loved the smell of cracking open a book and meeting a new character or following in love with a familiar voice. There was doubt about it...I loved books.

2. Divine destiny- I believe in divine destiny. It's your purpose in life and once you discover it your world will become a lot clearer. I'm confident that one of my many purposes is to write books. Books that will not only inspire and entertain, but change lives. Writers have the ability to paint the world as they see it through their eyes and touch hearts along the way. So, if my books make someone laugh, cry, share a memory, or inspire someone to pursue their own writing career. Well, then my work on earth will always be remembered for something good.

3.No limits- There are no limits to where your imagination can take you. Take an apple for example. Where did it come from? Whose eating it? I love the fact that in writing the only wrongs you can make are grammatical errors. Besides that stick in the mud, you can create a serial killer who loves cartoons or a slutty librarian that hates her father. I love the limitless power of creativity that writing gives you.

4. Patience- I've heard it a million and ten times and you probably have too. All good things come to those who wait. Well, sometimes waiting takes too long. Blame it on my generation, my empty bank account, or Hollywood. After hours of pounding the keyboard, juggling a regular job, and endless rejection for agents, what's your ego supposed to do? Although patience takes forever more often than not the reward is greater. It may seem as if E. L. James earned $95 million overnight. But, I'm sure she'd differ and spill the beans on being rejected countless times. Never give up on your dreams and your dreams will never give up on you.

5.Respect-For as far back as I can remember introducing yourself as a writer garners immediate respect. There's always a raised eyebrow of interest and curiosity. People always respond with either, "What's your book about?" or "I always wanted to be a writer." Being a writer takes a great deal of discipline, dedication, and hard work. All of which are great characteristics that boast your character and intelligence. Hey, and it beats "I'm a police officer." any day.