Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Blogger: Dr.Vivi Monroe Congress on why she wrote her book

Why’d I write my book, you ask?

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the computer … (smile).

Actually, I often joke that I’m a writer by suggestion, almost like a dare; a co-worker one day walked up and told me I should write a book. Reeeally now? I thought. She went on to explain there were a lot of hurting folks in the world and then indicated that I—me, of all people—could be a catalyst for inspiration.

Now, before she approached me, I was pretty content editing company letters for my co-workers and scribbling small pieces in my journal that would never see the light of day nor be subjected to review or rejection. Until that chat, I can’t honestly say I’d seriously entertained the idea of writing an actual book. I held no literary aspirations and I was good with that.
But for some reason, her suggestion registered with me the moment she said it, haunted me the remainder of the day as I attempted to dismiss it and confirmed my prayers the more I thought about it.

She never knew it, no one but God did—I’d been praying and fasting for God to reveal my purpose and to point out what gift(s) He would give me to get the job done. I knew there was more to (my) life and the whole while, that ‘something more’ was being used; my sword was being sharpened right under my nose! Basically, I was already in possession of the gift yet overlooked it and the worst part (or best, depending on how you view things) is this went on for at least a year … color me S-L-O-W J As the old folks used to say, “Had it been a snake, it would’ve bit me.”

On a deeper note, while in pursuit of purpose, it’s a must that we lay down our every-ready list of “I can’t because…” and just follow the path of faith to see, with childlike expectation, where it takes us. Willingness, along with the ability to be open, goes a long way, as does simple obedience. Once I took up my pen, I knew. Did I have doubts? I sure did and still do now, but bigger than that, I ‘knew’. He said, “write”, I said “okay” and that sealed the deal.

Writing isn’t about me and it’s not about the accolades I receive for my “word art”; it’s truly all about having been in the right place at the right time with a right heart. I wrote my first book for the same reason I wrote the last one and the ones to come … because it is my purpose and my testimony; it’s my way of saying thank you to the Gift-giver. Kinda like wearing the matching hat and scarf set your favorite aunt knitted just for you; it may not be glamorous but you wear it like a badge of honor in her presence and you make sure others know of her love for you demonstrated by the gift.

Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress