Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 Tips for Creating Good Karma In The Literary Community

People often ask me to share an honest review of their work. I do so gladly. Why? I love reading, meeting people, and sharing my thoughts. Just in case you`re wondering....I do it all for free. I know....crazy right? Not so much. The way I see it there`s more of a gain than a loss to extend time and energy to help someone out. In this case, it`s books.  I enjoy helping others and along the way I`ve created a few healthy relationships. Most of whom I`ve met in my pj`s in front of an epidode of Maury on my laptop. Here are a few tips on creating good karma in the literary community:

Honesty- People respect honest feedback that is constructive. It`s not only a good character trait. It also builds trust amongst you and those seeking your help. Sure, not every book that hits my inbox is a five star review. However, I respect the author and his or her craft to not disrespect their work.

Be friendly- It never hurts to introduce yourself online. Sure, I may be Facebook friends with Cydney Rax. But, if we have never shared a conversation, approaching her for an interview may not go so well. Be friendly and sincere in your approach.

Organized- No one likes a messy, Sally. Sometimes I receive book request ten at a time. Sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. Over time I`ve learned to work out the kinks. I handle each request accordlingly and schedule on a first come first serve basis. 

Open arms- I accept request from all authors at every stage level in there career. I`m a writer and I know how hard it is to create a new platform especially for indie writers.  I utilize my blog to share and promote books, extend the writers audience, and to build a healthy lasting relationship. It never hurts to help someone out of the kindness of your heart.

Building blocks- For every book request, interview, and etc. brings me one step closer to my dreams. I`m a writer and someday I hope someone will extend the same courtesy to me. For every writer is a reader and readers are writers. What better way to introduce yourself as a positive contributor to the community at large? Remember, we should always treat others how we want to be treated.