Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guest blogger Yvette Allen Tatum on Why She Wrote I Didn't Know

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Why did you write your book?

I Didn’t Know – Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse is only my second book.  Believe me; I do not consider this to be a small feat.  It’s just that I have yet to consider myself to be a writer or an author; at least not yet. Oh, I imagine that will come in time.  But for now, I am comfortable with writing for an audience of one.  

My writings thus far, are about my life experiences.  As such, all of my writing is very personal to me.  I always seem to start out with a simple desire to put my thoughts, feelings, and experiences on paper.  I like to look over my life in print and reflect over the things I have done right (properly or correctly) and those things that I have done wrong (improperly; my mishaps or missteps).  I find this to be very cathartic.

The idea for writing I Didn’t Know – Identifying, Confronting, and Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse came from watching Tyler Perry on The Oprah Winfree Show one day.  On this particular show, he came forward to tell his story about being sexual abused.  From there, his story became a platform.  Then they, Oprah Winfree and Tyler Perry, took his story to the next level by having an audience filled with nothing but men who had been sexually abused.  I think this was two with separate shows; a show with just Tyler Perry and then another with Tyler Perry, perhaps a counselor, and an all-male audience.  At present, I really cannot remember the actual format of the show or shows; I just remember the impact it had upon me.  I thought what he had done, his coming forward, was very brave and took a great deal of courage.  I remember sitting on the sofa crying thinking to myself those must have really been some terrible experiences.  It was at that moment, I heard the Lord speak to me saying, “You have been sexually abused as well.”  I sat for a moment thinking to myself, “When and how could this have happened?”  That’s when He, the Lord, reminded me of the things that had happened to me.  As He began to share my experiences with me, I became compelled to tell someone; anyone who would listen.  I very strongly believed then as I do now, that victims of child sexual abuse could no longer be silent and continue to allow these heinous acts to be swept under the carpet.  Someone had to be bold enough to come forward!

From there, I started writing.  As God took me down memory lane, I just began to write down everything He said to me.  It was like taking dictation.  So, I guess the short answer for why did I write my book is because people need to know what happened to me because I know it has happened to countless others.  The number of people (victims) who remain silent and never tell their stories far outweighs those who have come forward.  Therefore, my quest in writing this book was/is:

To expose the enemy (I believe this lessens his power)
To overcome the guilt & shame by being able to confront it head on
To encourage and educate others on how to identify, confront & overcome sexual abuse
To set the captives FREE 

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