Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why My Eight Year Old Thinks His Mom Is An Alien In Pj's With A Laptop

Here's the thing I spend most days in sweats, a t-shirt, and knee deep in a book or tapping away on my laptop. I'm a writer and I make no excuses for my appearance when I'm at home and technically...working. Of course before I became a writer I was good ole mom. The woman to kiss his boo boo's,  remember superheroes, and make pancakes o Sunday morning. Yeah, that was me and somewhat still is. Yet, as he gets older and I do as well it's more important for me to establish my career and not work a job that I hate. As many of you already know being a writer in today's market is a far cry from when Zora Neal Hurston and Terry McMillan wrote their first book. Today we have to work ten times harder, stay relevant on social media sites, and look effortless while doing so. Thus far, I've been quite successful by some odd measure. I'm not tooting my own horn but...toot toot!! I'm on most social media sites, a few people know about my debut novel, and I work hard to maintain a presence wherever you see my name posted. I guess you could say I've earned the right to pat myself on the back.

That isn't to say my first love as being a mom to two handsome boys isn't my priority. I love being a mom. Between watching the latest Disney cartoon that hits the theaters and saying goo goo ga ga every couple of minutes, being a writer helps me keep my sanity. I prefer adult conversation like most women and I adore my children. Trust me, it's no easy feet trying to write a manuscript, scout for agents, and talk Power Rangers. I don't blame my son for being a little curious about what his mother does for a living. When I was growing up my mom worked all the time and took us shopping on the weekends. I didn't ask many questions...because I was quite happy. As my kids get older I've made a conscious decision to be at home more and be a more on hands mom with my children. It never hurts that my particular passion happens to be writing. In my book that's the win/win.

So, in I am not an alien!! I'm a mom trying to write a book and earn a living just like everyone else. And it just so happens that I have the cutest and smartest eight year old in the world. Lucky me!!