Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guest Blogger Author Vanessa Miller of Escape To Love on Keeping The Faith




          Prayer, praise, reading the bible, going to church and loving one another as Christ loved the church are all important things for a believer. But if you have lost your ability to truly praise God then you probably don’t feel like doing any of the other things that are important to the believer either.

            This is the reason I began the Praise Him Anyhow Series, I truly believe that if we learn to praise God through whatever situation we are faced with, God will begin to turn those situations around. How do I know... because I’ve been there.

            I used to think of myself as a super-Christian. In 1994, God saved me and instantly changed me. Everything in my life became new and I felt invisible... I could do anything. I would pray for things and then see them materialize. But then the worse year of my life, 2010 rolled in and my mother was diagnosed with kidney cancer and then died from the disease on December 30, 2010. It’s a hard thing to lose someone who was both your mother and your friend.

            I withdrew, became depressed and refused to praise God, because my heart had been broken and I just didn’t see anything praise worthy in that. And just like that, for the first time in my Christian walk I no longer felt as if I had a connection with my Lord and savior.

            I would go to church and instead of lifting my hands in praise to God as I had always done, I would sit in my seat and cry my eyes out. When I realized what I had allowed to happen by way of not praising God, I set about changing my circumstances. Yes, my mother was gone from me forever, but there were still things in my life that were praise worthy and I was determined to find them.

            And that’s what the Praise Him Anyhow series does for the believer who has lost his or her joy... these books help Christians find their praise again. I have never been more proud of any series I have written because I know that the message in these novellas brought me back to where I needed to be in God and they are doing the same thing for thousands of others who dare to give the Praise Him Anyhow Series a chance.

            This series has romance, suspense, angels and most of all each novella deals with praise in unique ways. So if you need to get your praise back or just enjoy reading Christian fiction or books with romance  in them, the Praise Him Anyhow Series is for you. Each book will be available in ebook, print and audio book formats.

            Here are the titles that are currently available: Tears Fall at Night, Joy Comes in the Morning, A Forever Kind of Love, Ramsey’s Praise and Escape to Love. There is also a Praise Him Anyhow Journal that compliments the series, for those of us who need step by step instructions and journal time in order to get the praise back into our lives.


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