Monday, January 20, 2014

Heeeeeyyyyyyy 2014!!!!

Happy 2014!!

I'm a few days short of my well wishes, but....hey...I'm a busy woman!! Lol!!
I hope your 2014 is off to an A-mazing start as much as mine !! Do you have any New Year Resolutions? You do, I don't!! Why? I'm more of an words into action kind of girl and the last thing I want to do is start my new year off with false promises. Truth be told, if I want a slice of cake....I'm going to eat a slice of cake and not think two cents about it. To heck with all those resolutions of losing weight, saving money, or not doing this, or not doing that. I say, if you want to change something start slow and work yourself towards it. Sure, the new year brings hope and optimisim, but don't kid yourself or treat yourself to harshly of trying to live up to almost impossible expectations if you're not ready yet. It 's okay to want to shed a few pounds, start by drinking more water. Work your way up to being more active and before long you'll have accomplished your goals.

Let's make 2014 of affirmation instead of resloutions. Here are mine:

I'm going to self publish my novel this summer.
I'm going to go to the beach this summer.
I'm going to promote myself as a writer. Get involved in more contest, conferences, and festivals.
I'm going to polish my writing skills. ( Every writer needs a good tune up, lol)

I'm going to read at least ten books this year.
I'm going to conquer my fear of heights.
I'm going to learn spanish.
I'm going to network.
I'm going to travel.
I'm going to save more than I spend.

I believe in the power of speaking things into existence. God is always listening, and the devil is too. Give God the glory he rightfully deserves and he will move not only mountains in your life. 2013 was a challenging year for me and it's one that I may never forget. The scares of the ugly things that challenged me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally are far behind me. I could not have made it to 2014 without the faith I have in God and the favor he continues to show on my life. I am going to soar to new heights in 2014 and I hope you do as well. We can conquer this journey together. From my stiletto pumps to the woman in tattered house shoes....Peace be with you as the Lord continues to work through you on your journey to greatness!!

-M.C.Walker xoxo