Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love is....

Love is...

A stain on your favorite t-shirt
A strangers smile
A lovers hug
The sound of a familar heartbeat
Stupid love songs
Scribbled love notes with open hearts
A childhood crush
A wish to be his Misses
Love is forever

A babies touch
The dawn of a new day
The beauty of tomorrow
Words can't explain it
Hearts can only capture it
It's a verb that rides the soul like a tidal wave
Relentlessly pulsating throughout our lives

Love is...

A climax in a love story
The wrinkles of time on ageless skin
An endless battle man desires to conquer
A dream told vividly in color
Fingers embrace and love lines connect
A maze with no finish line
Love is in the flesh of our loins
The root of our being
Swallow it and digest it greatly
Say it often and with pride
Hold it preciously
Memory always remains