Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Inspiration: The 3 C's of Life Choices, Chances, Changes

"You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change."- Unknown



I love this quote. It really speaks to me and I hope it will inspire you to provoke change in your life. Every day we make choices....some are good and a few are bad. Sometimes we make choices to start a new diet or change our hair color to improve ourselves. Others make larger choices by walking away from a stable job and starting a small business. Our lives are created by the choices we make and we learn to adjust to the outcome of those choices every day. Making a choice empowers you to pursue the unknown and trust in your gut that the choice is the best decision for you. I encourage you to make a choice, take a chance on the unknown, and change the way the world see’s you. Every day we get to witness people living out there dreams on stage or on a television screen. Just think if Barack Obama never made the choice to stand behind his beliefs or waiver in his decision to seek the highest office in the land....where would we be as a country today? The news media may want us to love the President one day and hate him the next.  I choose to love him, not only for the color of his skin...but for his courageous strength and effort to be the first to inspire a nation, revitalize a nation that thrived in its own fearful existence, and change the way we as a nation view politics and our leaders.

Before I close my eyes at night and after I thank the Lord for another day of mercy…I ask myself two questions: Did I live enough for today? How can I make tomorrow better? Truth of the matter is I’m never 100% confident that I accomplished everything I wanted to do in one day. But, I’m confident enough to know that today not only mattered to me….it mattered to the people who count on me. I make an effort to maintain a balance in my life. It’s not an easy choice. Times get hard, money gets low, and life always trips me up at times. But, it’s during the hard times that I make a choice to keep fighting, keep praying, and keep the faith. There is light always at the end of the tunnel, you just have to be patient and wait for it.

Take a step in the right direction and surprise yourself. Believe that you can save a life without a medical degree, be a positive influence in your community, finish a book, start a new hobby, find love, start a business, and etc. Make a choice to live the life you deserve. Take a chance and have more faith than doubt. Watch God not only change your life…but the lives of those you will touch.