Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Inspiration: Today I choose joy

Today I dare you to choose joy. Choose to be happy and grateful for all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon you. Sometimes it's hard to recognize how truly blessed we are until life trips us up and makes us pay attention. All over social media you see people wishing for a new car, hoping God bless them with a new job, how much they hate this or hate that. It makes me nauseous and it drains the spirit. It's easier to gripe about what we don't have and the desires of our heart. There's nothing wrong with wanting a new car or better job. But, be happy with the job you have or the car that's sitting in your driveway. Some people don't count there blessings until it's too late. Count your blessings and give God thanks often. It's as simple as blinking to thank God for waking you up this morning or that you're able to get out of bed without assistance. It's a beautiful feeling to know God is in control of your life. When your hopes, dreams, and desires align with his love and grace, he will bless you with all that you need. It may not be today, tomorrow, or next week....but he will in due time.
Choose joy. Do it because for every moment that you're alive you're one step closer to living the life you deserve. Find it deep within yourself to bury the hurt, confusion, sadness, and angst that life has thrown your way. You are greater than any obstacle life throws at you. Be proud of how far you have come. Today you are not the same person you were yesterday or last week. As we live we continue to grow and challenge whatever obstacle life has to slow us down. My mother always says it's easier to smile than it is to frown. She's right. For a long time I used to walk through my life frowning or with a blank face. Yeah, I had my health and a roof over my head but none of those things mattered. I didn't have the job I wanted, money in my pocket, cute clothes on my back, or someone to love. I floated my way through life. People would encourage me to smile. I would give them a bewildered look as if they were speaking Spanish. I used to wonder why people smiled all the time, what were they so happy about? Didn't they know life was hard? Of course they did. But, they chose to be happy to give life a slap in the face with a broad smile.
Life is hard and it's supposed to be. It's meant to challenge you and push you until you reach your greatness. We are meant to inspire and uplift each other. Everyday I'm inspired to make my dreams my reality when I look into my kids eyes. I choose not to be weighed down emotionally or mentally by bills, broken hearts, or hardships. Life has shown me that in tough times you've got to know how to pray your way out of the darkness and back to the light. In good times I've learned to humble myself and praise him for all that he does, doing, and will do. You can be the reason someone says yes to life instead of giving in to defeat. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. Love does exist. You have to believe. Believe in the impossible. Tap into your greatness. It lives within you. Choose to live. Live a life of purpose. Live life courageously. Live without fear. Choose joy today.