Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Remembering Trayvon Martin

Today is Trayvon Martin birthday. Unlike most of us on our birthday Trayvon won`t be griping about getting older, worried about gifts he didn`t get, or being too old for a birthday cake. None of that matters when you life has come to an abrupt end. It's been two years since Trayvon Martin name has been embedded in my heart and spirit. I didn't know him personally. But, I didn`t have to know his favorite color or meal to have love for a young man gun down innocently. Life goes on and time heals wounds. But, something's stay with you forever and the life and tragedy of Trayvon Martin will be one that I share with my son's , brothers, and future generations. 

Trayvon's story woke up so many of us. Evoked many of us to action and opened dialogue to a subject that black people for generations have only discussed amongst our friends and family. This isn't just a black issue. Trayvon could've been Latino or Italian, but God made him beautiful and in his image of African descent. Many may say this is an all to familiar story and part of the Black American struggle in America. Yeah, that may be true....but we also have the power and the right to give a voice to any injustice done to us. We live and breathe just like any other ethnicity group....we all want the same things. Equality. Justice. Peace. The right to walk down the street without being harassed or violated.

Since the trial has ended George Zimmerman has become a celebrity or in the like. His life is open book and people share his misfortune on social media and the news. I don't care to comment or listen. I'm not interested. The media wants us to hate George Zimmerman with a passion. Wish death on his life and see the wrath of God will done unto him. I can't and I won't. With the same tongue I tell my children that I love them every night. So, how can I harbor hate in my heart for another human being when I know that God is love and he wouldn't want that from me . I don't hate George Zimmerman, I hate his actions. I don't claim to be a Christian woman but I am a believer in Christ and I have accepted the Lord as my savior. I wish no ill wheel on no one. That only blocks my own blessings. It takes up too much time and energy to create hate when it is much easier to love. I feel that in my heart God way will prevail and although man could not bring George Zimmerman to justice, God will handle things in his time.

 Although Trayvon Martin won't be the last victim to die innocently. We have to remember to educate our children beyond Hip Hop lyrics and material things. This is a teachable moment , not a moment of sadness or hate. This is a moment to cherish the precious life that was cut short, remember that there are Trayvon Martin's all over the United States that need our help everyday, and stand for the right to live peacefully in a land of promise. Everyday I look into my two boys eyes and I wonder if I'm doing enough to prepare them for this world. Have I given them enough armor to fight the good fight? Prepare them for a war that lives and breathes in our society. Truthfully, there's only one thing to do and you should do it well and often as possible. Pray. Prayer works. Pray away the worry, the nervousness, fear of the inevitable,and doubt. In order to serve God, you must honor , trust, and obey him even when the world says you shouldn't. I do all things thru Christ who strengthens me and it is through Christ that I raise my two boys to become the kind of men that will not only know God but serve him throughout all the days of their lives.

God bless the Martin family and Trayvon Martin rest peacefully with the Lord!!