Monday, March 3, 2014

Spirit of the Sun: Lupita Nyong`o

Beautiful and graceful. Lupita Nyong'o has captured the hearts of many and last night win has only cemented her into our thoughts and lives forever. Twelve years a slave was a powerful and unflinching movie that left nothing unanswered. While painting the harsh reality of slavery and exposing a many of things our history books refused to admit. Lupita character not only bled from the screen as an original piece of cinematic artwork, but the pure artistry of a gifted actresses left me utterly breathless. Today we not only celebrate Lupita as a young and thriving actress in modern day society. We embrace her courage and strength to not bend and fold to societies ideals of beauty, the grace and simplicity of her style, alluring smile, and the warrior spirit of being a role model for colored girls everywhere.
So often the beauty standard is dominated by magazine covers, cosmetic companies bleaching remedies, and idealistic stories of happily ever after for pigment challenged girls. Our mothers mold and grain deep within us a young brown girls that our beauty is more than just skin deep. Growing up in a society where the lighter you are is more accepting can be a challenge.  Lupita is an inspiration to the many whom aspire to walk in her shoes, courageous to those whom have walked the same path, and for the many barriers that stand in our way. This is not only a win for Lupita, its a win for women of color everywhere. For those who pursue their dreams without prejudice, those who never gave up, who believed when no else wanted to...Lupita Nyong'o we salute you!!