Friday, May 30, 2014

Footprints of a legend : In Honor and Memory of Dr. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou 


 Growing up in a world immersed in celebrity it has become hard to recognize the true beauty of authenticity of those whom influence our lives daily. Growing up as a young girl I was a shy and quiet as a mouse. My family on both sides thought I was strange and awkward. All I wanted to do was watch TV and read books. In school I was quite the same, with a few friends. I'll never forget the day my teacher selected me to memorize and perform "Phenomenal Woman" in front of the entire school. I remember shaking like a leaf in my white shirt and long red skirt. My hands were on my eight year old hips, I arched my back, and pointed my toes. My nerves got the best of me and I began to shake like a leaf. I was nervous. Someone in the audience encouraged me to continue. Suddenly the words flowed out of my mouth as smoothly as I memorized them. The audience clapped and I was relieved.

That moment and that poem always stayed with me. I didn't understand what a phenomenal was at the time, but I knew deep down inside I wanted to be just that. I always carried myself accordingly. Living in a world of instant gratification, disrespect of women is gained with applause, and women glorify themselves as "boss bitches" I find solace in the poem phenomenal woman. It's reminds me that I am more than just hips and thighs. That God created me more than just to bare children and serve a man. I am woman. Uniquely beautiful. Exquisitely designed. I am encouraged to fight. To march silently even when the world is so loud. I find courage and insight in being the kind of woman that Dr. Angelou described in her poetry and lived throughout her days. Her life and actions are exemplary of the woman who stood for a purpose and grace. I am in awe of her humbleness, the beauty of her words, intellect, and the courage to live a life of influence on her terms.  Browsing the Internet there are no pictures of her getting drunk, cursing, or disrespecting those around. I am sure Ms. Angelou was humanly flawed like all of us. I have never met her or had the pleasure of shaking her hand, but I am grateful for the footprints she has left behind.

Because of her I write from my soul, I love selflessly , forgive easily, write to inspire, I give all of me into my passion, live courageously, and smile through the hurt and pain. I only wish there were more women like her around today. Ms. Angelou has lived a life full of reward and purpose. She has shared at gift with the world and it shall live on until the end of civilization.  I can only hope to finish where she has left off, make my journey on earth as powerful, and inspire future generations to live courageously. 

I shall not weep
For your time here has been undoubtedly sweet
Many shall wonder who you are
Stories shall pass from lips to ears
From mountains and valley's
Words will try to summarize you
Google will try to depict you
Forever immortalized in our hearts
Songs of birds, footprints of angels
Heaven is waiting for you
Jesus is going to kiss you
We shall miss you with our hearts
The battle is over, victory has come
Rest peacefully, unto the morning dawn