Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Secrets of Seduction Of A Writers Muse : Chocolate. Kem. Good sex.

By now you're probably full aware that I am a writer. I know...shocker!! Writers always talk about having a stubborn muse or sexy muse. Well, my muse as they like to say in the industry is a female lion. She doesn't have a name per se, but she lives deep inside of me.  Every now and then she gets a little lazy, really talkative, or as stubborn as a bull. I love and understand her after many, many years of tender, love, and care. I've been writing for the past nine years. I'm unpublished. I have no awards, no devoted readers, nor a list of agents beating down my door to sign me to a lucrative book deal.  So, what's left?

I'm a firm believer in God and the fact that he puts inside all of us gifts. The purpose of life is to find your gift. The meaning of life is share your gift. Writing is my gift to the world. I love it. I own it. I commit to it. Now, that's out of the do I seduce my muse?

I don't write every single day, write to achieve a numerical goal, or outline before I write. Call me undisciplined, crazy , or a seat of the pants writer. Here are a few of my secrets:

Chocolate makes me happy on the inside. It tastes good and if it's dark chocolate, it's good for my body. As soon as I eat a piece I'm in a better mood than before. Now this doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to write an All American Classic instantly. But, it helps me to get inside a characters head.  It helps me to explore what kind of woman or man would be eating chocolate, what kind of day they've had, how does it make them feel, and etc.

Kem. I love the earthy and sensual tone of Kem's voice. I can feel the passion in his words and the pain of his journey. I love the way he can express his love and admiration for a woman without being vulgar. So, whenever I want to take a character on an emotional journey through love, heartache, and life struggles I play Kem. It works every time.

Good sex. Yes, I said sex!! I won't go into a whole spill about the health benefits or the analytics of sexual positions. I don't write immediately after sex. Good sex relaxes the mind and the body. Not only that it's a great way to explore the intimacy with your partner.  I think it's interesting to explore the after affect of sex. Do you cuddle or roll over and watch Netflix? Every couple is different and unique. Some people walk away satisfied or frustrated. Either way it's a great starting point to get me in the perfect place for scene.

Okay...I 've spilled my guts. Are you happy? Lol!! I'm no Maya Angelou or Terry McMillan . Those women are icons in there own right. I write not to compete with them but to continue to set the trail ablaze. I am a writer and I intend on sharing my gift with the world.