Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Guest Blogger Wednesday : Author Shani Greene-Dowdell on Raising the Funds to Self Publish

Raising the Funds to Self Publish
By: Shani Greene-Dowdell

“Because It Ain’t Cheap!
Even though self publishing a book is easier than it has ever been, raising funds for your book is very important for the book’s success. Of course, you could spend your hard-earned cash, but spearheading a fundraiser could be more profitable, as well as jump start your book project with more energy.
Three Ways to Raise Funds for Your New Book
1) Take Preorders. Set a goal for how many preorders you will need to raise the money necessary to edit, illustrate, format, print, and distribute your book. While creating a budget, sit down and think of all of the things necessary to successfully publish and market your work. Then, call upon family, friends, extended network, neighbors, established platform, etc. for preorders for your book. Tell them of your goals and your financial needs. Get them motivated with you! If you are able to collect $15 from 100 people, you will have gotten 100 new readers and $1500 cold hard cash to work on your project. Now, can you presale one hundred more?
2) Do a raffle. If calling upon family and friends to purchase advance copies is not your cup of tea, go to raffleticket.com and create a raffle and raffle items surrounding the theme of your book. Make sure the raffle includes a copy of your book (each ticket should be a promotional piece, as well – so make sure you put a link to your website on the donation stub). You should be able to put together a gift basket or bag for less than $50.
If you order one thousand raffle tickets for $40, you have the potential to make $1000 at one dollar each or $2000 if you sell them at two dollars each. Garner the support of close family and friends that you trust and ask them to sell at least ten tickets to their friends for you. Sometimes, it is easier to get one or two dollars for a chance in a raffle than it is to get $15 to preorder a book.
3) Carwash. Oh yes, I did say carwash! Desperate times call for desperate measures and any true businessperson will tell you that they are willing to do what they have to do to get their project off the ground. Find a local auto shop that will allow you to do a carwash. If you are willing to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, partner with a local charity for added support. Set a date. Get your volunteers (family and friends) involved and get to spiffing up some vehicles. It’s a win-win. You get to donate to your favorite local charity AND you get money for your book’s publication.
There really is no limit to fundraising ideas, but these are some ideas I have used to get your creative juices flowing.

Shani Greene-Dowdell is an editor, publisher, and author of Keepin’ It Tight, Secrets of a Kept Woman 1 & 2, and the editor of Mocha Chocolate 1 & 2 and The Longest Night (Savor). She can be contacted by emailing info@nayberrypublications.com or visiting www.nayberrypublications.com.