Friday, November 21, 2014

Power to the "P": Reclaiming Our Power

The older you get the wiser you become. As I near my 30th birthday I realize the power that lies deep within my thighs. I’m more than just a sexual being and giver of life. I am a woman with a vagina. A honey well that deserves that respect and love that God has honored me with since birth. Coming to understand my power between my thighs speaks more volumes than sharing my sex with a man. The greatest pleasure I’ve experienced with the opposite sex was never sexual. I'm instantly aroused by intellect and ambition. A man with the mental capacity to deliver mental orgasms deserves that part of me tenfold. Yet, as women we give ourselves up so frequently and easily the moment we spread our legs and welcome our lover inside. Kinetic energies exchange and more often than not when it's all over we're left feeling empty all over again. I often wondered why that is. Why do I give the best part of me away so seamlessly for a few moments of passion? Why do we take lovers secretly hoping they will feel the void in our hearts? Many would say it’s because we’re women and we’re wired that way. To give all of ourselves and pick up the pieces that remains. I am guilty of this too.
It wasn’t until this year that my light bulb came on after entering the dating arena again. You meet a guy, exchange numbers, text, and he ask you to come over and chill at his place. If you’re anything like me you ponder for a moment. If I go over to his place, am I required to have sex with him? How long before he moves on to someone new? How many people is he sleeping with? Is this all a part of the game? Let’s say you go over to his place, his bed, you have sex the way he wants you too, and when it’s all over you don’t know whether to leave or stay a little while after. In every instance he is sexually satisfied and in control of the situation. You have given up your power from the jump. Now, you may wonder what happens next between you. I’m pretty the entire relationship guru’s and therapist would place blame on the woman for the way she feels afterwards. It’s partially true. Why? It’s our culture and the men to women ratio. There are not enough options of eligible bachelors in our community and well sometimes a girl has to settle for less than the cream of the crop.

There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with someone new if you’re comfortable with that situation. However, put yourself in the power position. Women are God’s greatest creation and that power lies between our thighs. You’re not a slut if you sleep with a guy. But, make him come to your place or purchase a hotel room. We deserve to be comfortable at all cost. Make him make love to you the way you deserve and require. There is no shame in owning our sexuality. Embrace who you are and the sexual being that God created us to be. I used to look down on those women who slept with a whole bunch of guys and etc.  Having sexual partners don’t make you an escort. Make your demands known don’t make you a prostitute. Men love sex. Sex with a beautiful woman is the equivalent of winning the lottery. It’s never too late to take back your power. But, before you invite a man over delete all of the negative connation’s about your vagina. Your vagina is a beautiful flower and the appropriate name for her is yoni. Make him beg for your yoni, down let him downgrade what you have to offer to p*##&.  My awakening came after many years of heartache a dipping my toe in the dating game. I was sexually satisfied, but emotionally empty. The man I shared my yoni withheld all of the power. He’d call. I’d answer. He’d say let’s meet and I’d get dressed from head to toe. We handle our business at his place, in his bed, and then I’d go home empty. I go through the love channels and wonder when he is going to call, is he thinking about me….It wasn't until I realized that the men I was sharing my yoni with would never love and respect her or me. It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to love myself, accept and own the power of my yoni that loving many would never fulfill the void of loving me. If you do nothing else today ladies, take back your power and reclaim your yoni as your own.

  1. Definition : Yoni (Sanskrit: योनि yoni, literally "vagina" or "womb") is the symbol of the Goddess (Shakti or Devi), the Hindu Divine Mother. Within Shaivism, the sect dedicated to the god Shiva, the yoni symbolizes his consort. The male counterpart of the yoni is Shiva's linga.