Monday, January 26, 2015

Failures, Obstacles, and Setbacks Are All Apart Of God's Divine Plan

As a kid I was never any good at board games. Maybe I never had the patience to understand checkers or any of the like. Thats okay with me, I like being a bookworm anyway! In the game of checkers nothing ever stays the same. You are up against your opponent and you have to strategize against the obstacle in front of you in order to come out victorious. In order to be victorious, things must shift. Sometimes things in our lives shift for the better or the worse. All of which conspire to make you prosper and withstand the next battle you come up against.
There has been some battles that I simply was not prepared for or found myself incapable of handling them. For example, after graduating from high school I was sure of two things,    I wasn't ready for college and I wanted to be wherever my boyfriend was at the time. I didn't have a plan for my life, so I began the next chapter of my life blindfolded. Life will shift you into the next phase without your permission. At twenty one I was giving birth to my son and by twenty three I was married. By now there holes in my blindfold. I couldn't see the future but the road ahead looked promising. I thought I could handle whatever God sent my way. Afterall I had been through, how could I not?
The next couple of years of my life would take me on an emotional rollercoaster. One that would leave me wounded, broken, and damaged mentally,spritually,and emotionally. Through it all God never let go of my hand. When it was hard for me to speak through my tears and confusion I found comfort in his arms. How do you rebuild your life when life has knocked you down so much?
Someone once asked me how do you do it without any tv, internet, and etc. for long periods of time. Well, all of those things are just distractions. Something to entertain your mind and distort you from connecting with God. I like peace and quiet. In those times I can be honest with myself and the Lord. I could have curled up and died and given up on my life altogether. Thats too easy. Why give up or give in when I know the Lord is not through with me?
For every failure there is a bigger victory, every setback is a setup for something better, and for obstacle is an opportunity to uplift, encourage, and praise his name. My past is my testimony. My bridge to what I have overcome to arrive to my next destination. People may say you've changed or you're not the same anymore. Its all true. Anything that doesn't change dies. Scars heal and wounds close. All things happen according to God's divine plan. Remember on this day two years ago when you were crying, depressed, and confused over your situation. But, through it all you kept the faith and God changed your circumstance. He can do it, again if you remain connected to him. Instead of allowing other people drive your life get out of the passenger seat and allow God to drive you to your next destination. Trust the possibilties are endless when God is behind the wheel.
Be blessed, not stressed!!
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