Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings : 5 Things You Need To Know To Make 2015 A Phenomenal Year

      I absolutely love this time of year!! So many people are filled with hope and optimism about the new year. The positive energy is contagious and people are not afraid to share there goals and dreams. This is an inspiring and revolutionizing time for all of us. The possibilities are endless as vision boards and goals begin to get accomplished one by one. Sadly, many of us lose sight of our dreams and aspirations after the first week of the new year. It's back to work in office cubicles, packed lunches, and the humdrum daily life of balancing work and kids. Before you realize it , you in a downward spiral and that vision board tacked to your bedroom wall begins to collect dust. Well, before the seasons change and gas prices go up. Here are a few suggestions to turn your dreams into a reality:

1. Write down your goals. I will admit this one is tough, even for me. I'm prone to scribble a few notes on a back of a receipt or in an old notebook. But, to actually sit still for a while and plan my year out seems daunting to say the least. Good news is you don't have to have everything figured out all at once. If one of your goals this year is to lose weight. Combine something you love with your goal. For example, join a fitness group or write down a healthy recipe from a magazine. All it takes is for you to take the first step.

2. No distractions, stay focused. If you're guilty of checking your facebook page ten to twenty times a day or waiting for the new season of Scandal to start , than you are guilty of distractions. Present party included. As much as I love Shonda Rhimes, I can't help but contemplate what else I could be doing instead of watching TV. The best way to rid yourself of distractions is to become more disciplined and organized with your time. How productive could you be in two hours of TV time? The truth is the answer to accomplishing goals.

3. Set realistic obtainable goals. The worse part about this time of year is that advertisers like to remind us just how fat and lazy we truly are as a country. As if I didn't see that muffin roll of a stomach when I rolled out of bed this morning. Don't get me started on the join the gym commercials. Puke! Here's the truth, were all going to struggle with our weight for the rest of our lives. It's a fact. Can you do something about it? Absolutely. First step embrace your imperfections. Love your flaws. Eat healthier and binge on unhealthy foods in moderation. It takes a different level of mental will power to commit to exercising and eating healthy. You can do it. But, the real work begins when you look on the inside. Realistically do the things that make you happy. Tell society to KISS YOUR BIG FAT ASS!!

4. Don't be afraid to failure. If I had a dollar for every time I failed at something and never tried again I'd be Donald Trump rich. If you're afraid of failing than you're afraid of trying and the idea of success terrifies you. The most successful people, not the reality stars garbage. I'm speaking of those people that become legends and garner the respect of the world never gave up. For every failure there is an error, for every error there is a correction and a will to try again. Truthfully, life is hard, challenging, and it down right blows at times. But, the beauty of each day is that tomorrow comes again and again. Giving you an opportunity to try again.

5. Dream big and in color. For so many people the mundane of working until you're old and gray works. Hey, whatever floats your boat! But, if you're like me you want the best that life has to offer than don't limit yourself or your dreams.  When I began my writing career a few years ago I was shy about telling people I wrote. I didn't have a product and I couldn't answer the tough questions. Someone said to me your book could be on Oprah. I immediately shot it down. Nooo, not my measly little book. I limited my dreams and my capabilities because I was afraid of where my dreams would take me. Lesson, dream big and in color. The moment you dim your light for the world your dreams become extinct and you disappear.

2015 can be the best year of your life. It can be scary trying to change your reality. But, just because its scary doesn't make your dreams and goals invalid  or impossible. There is a gift inside of you that the world is waiting to experience. Own your dreams. Invest in your destiny. Trust in the Lord and above all else jump into the life God has promised you. You can do it this year!!
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