Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Becoming An Advocate For Female Empowerment Through Fiction

        When I first began to write my novel Before The Lights Go Out, it was for selfish reasons. I was living paycheck to paycheck, on public assistance, and only a high school diploma. I was in the woods and I didn't realize how deep I'd allowed myself to deviate from the vision I had for my life. Of course, I saw my writing as a gateway to a better life for me and my family. I wanted the fame and the instant glorification of being respected in an industry that I admired. Honestly, I still wouuld like to be famous and successful. However, my selfish attitude has shifted and become diluted. My desire to become rich is more psychological than anything else. So, I needed to re-exam the purpose behind my gift. It wasn't until I was able to accept my reality that I realized my gift has a higher calling than just to become financially stable. It's one thing to exist and it's another to actually live and thrive. I want to live and thrive, more importantly I want my work to be a representation of who I am and the I am becoming.

After being honest with myself and researching online about how to become an author for years and years. I realized the message and brand that I want to convey is female empowerment. It became clearer in the way I changed from wearing weaves and perms to rocking my natural tresses. To gravitating to women in different industries whom were making statements about self love, self worth, and redefining life on your terms. I became empowered by the words and actions of Nina Simone, verb age of Jill Scott, and the individualism of Janelle Monae. I began to see my writing career as an opportunity to either reconstruct the way society views beauty and women or buy into objectificationand misogynistic way women are portrayed on tv and media.  To write books about women in pursuit of materialistic things and flawless love is not real. Women are more than just mindless body parts. We are the creators of life and the backbones of our communities. But, it becomes almost impossible to find positive messages of female empowerment in today's society. To often we are often depicted ad vapid, hell raising, glorified sex goddesses , or more. I often wonder what messages are we sending our young girls. Yes, it is okay to embrace your femininity, but you don't have to exploit your body and sacrifice your integrity to get noticed.

It is my intention and my hope to convey through my novels, short stories, and more real women. Real women whom struggle with self worth, self love, and finding their place in this world. I want to create empowering and dynamic female characters who are not victims of their circumstances. They are victorious leaders of their lives and communities. If nothing else when a reader reads the last page of my novel I want them to know that there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I am a champion of women. An advocate of female empowerment and a proponent of change. It is my hope to inspire, motivate, and change as many lives as possible. The fight of female empowerment doesn't end with me, but with your help we can keep it going.

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