Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

One of the questions that I ask myself is, Are you ready for what happens next? Sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not. But, does that stop me from pursuing my goals or trying something new? No. Failure is real and rejection. But, for every failure and rejection I have ever experienced in my lifetime has prepared me for the next best thing. Life pushes you forward whether you are ready or not. The option of going backwards or remaining comfortable leaves you stagnant and in an unfamiliar territory. For every time I came up against opposition I almost allowed the fear of not winning, rejection, or defeat consume. Whether in a job, relationship, friendship, or business I used to talk myself out of it. Why? Because I didn't see the worth within my potential, the effectiveness discomfort, or the endless possibilities change presents in new opportunities. I lived and thrived in fear. Fear ruled my life in every aspect possible. Before I realized it I was going in a circle. I was miserable on the inside and my actions reflected the weight of the pain I lived with each day. For me that all changed when I committed to getting out of my own way. A lot of people may wonder what exactly does getting out of your own way mean. It means not being afraid of the next level of your life, embracing change, and conquering the impossible. All if which begins with you and your mindset. Here are a few tips to help you begin your journey of loving you and conquering your dreams.

Setting obtainable goals: Most people only dream and fantasize about big fancy houses, expensive bank accounts, and big bank accounts. However, the disconnect comes in how to achieve the greatness that lives inside of you. You have to invest in obtainable goals. Sorry, the road to success is not easy and only the strong minded will survive. If your dreams are to own a restaurant...

What are some of the things you find that hinder you and make you realize you may be the one in the way of realizing your dreams?  Leave a comment below!

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