Friday, August 7, 2015

Someone To Love Me : Chapter Two

Someone To Love Me: Chapter Two

I can hear the light tap of the rain hitting the bedroom window. I lightly open my eyes and stare at the blinds. There open just wide enough to see the smoky darkness covers the sky. I'm lying in a bed three sizes to big for my small frame. I can smell our sex wafting loudly on the sheets. The aroma of my pussy turns me on. Suddenly I'm moist again between my thighs. I reach for my lover only to discover he has abandon our love nest. I turnover unto my back and bury my  sticky body underneath expensive Egyptian sheets.

There's a fire growing inside of me. A fire so hot and humid that touch of my skin to skin sets my pussy ablaze. I run my hand over my yoni and rub her until the touch of my hand reminds me of tiny earthquakes. I spread my lips and go deep inside all of that that makes me a woman. Like water from a fountain I quiver at the touch of my g-spot. Erotic moans escape my lips as my toes reach for the heavens. Up and down my hand goes , in and out of my yoni succintly creating a puddle of my sweet nectar beneath me. My unoccupied left hand squeezes my breast as blood begins to rush to my swollen clit. I bite down hard on my tongue as my orgasm  begins to travel up my trembling leg and through my body. I shove my hand deeper inside my yoni and explode as the sweetest syphomny escapes my lips. After I climax so deepily my body begins to twitch to bring me back down from my high. I release a deep sigh and shove the covers from on top of me.
"Wow!" He says, " That was amazing."
I open my eyes and find my new lover standing only a few feet away in his polka dot boxer stroking his dick. Slightly embarrased like a child caught in the act  I reach for the cover to hide myself. I become a little flusterd and taken aback momentarily. While averting my eyes I ask, "How long have you been standing there? "
He laughs. "Long enough to see you're ready for more of me." He replies and walks over to the oversized bed holding his dick. Before he can climb into bed I quickly jump out of it. I wrap the cover around my tiny five foot three frame and stand near the window. I push my curls from face and stare back at him from across the room. He stares at me with confusion in his eyes as his exposed dick dangles between his thighs.
I clear my throat. "I'm finished."
"You heard me. I'm finished. Now I have to leave. "
He scratches his head and shoves his dick back in his pants. He flops down on the bed and doesn't say anything for a few minutes. I tip toe to the other side of the room to get to the door. Along the way I pick up my bra, step over two used condoms, and nearly trip over my stiletto pump on the way out . I'm halfway out the bedroom door when he says, "Now,I know why they call you James." He scoffs. I pause and turn back around to towards him.
"Excuse me?"
He kicks his feet up on the bed and folds his arms. With a cold and frosty stare towards me. He replies, " You're just like a man. Last night I tried to hold you. You  ran all the way to the other side of the bed. " He laughs. " It's almost like..."
"Like what?"
In an even tone he says, "That you're afraid of me."
I chuckle and walk back towards the bed. I'm standing at the bottom of the bed trying to keep from laughing so hard. I secure the bedspread around my body and place my hands on my hips.
"You've got some nerve, you know that Robert. I--"
"My name is David, not Robert. " He says adamantly.
"David....I knew that. Just making sure you knew, that's all." I reply folding my arms.
"Mhmm." He nods and averts his eyes.
I throw my hand in the air and walk away. "I don't have time for this."  I drop the bedspread in the middle of the floor and head for the door.
"Bathroom is on the left." He says five seconds after the bedroom door closes.
I hop in the shower and wash my special parts twice for good measure. The whole time I'm in the shower David's words run through my mind. I'm not afraid. Afraid of what? Who me? Never. So, what if I don't want to be held at night? I don't want anybody breathing on the back of my neck. Ugh. I like my space when I sleep. Besides, I walked up to him in the club. He should be thankful I even looked at him twice yet along slept with him. Me...afraid? Please.
By the time I get out of the shower David is no where in sight. On his already made up bed is a cotton robe, a note,and a red rose. My clothes rest in a chair  adajecent the bed.  Dripping wet I slip into the robe and place the flower on the bed. Written in his handwriting I began to read the note. It reads:

Dear James, or whomever you pretend to be. I'd like to get to know you. When the real you shows me. - 301-456-7891 David.

I stood inside David's empty bedroom a few minutes longer than normal. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror . I saw something inside of me that I didn't like, vulnerabilty. I cut my eyes at my reflection as the woman I used to be reered her ugly head. That woman had no place in my life now. I quickly got dressed and left the note and rose on David's bed. In my eyes this was just sex between  two strangers.  As far as I was concerned David was yesterday's news in my book.  And just like yesterday I'm already through with it.

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