Thursday, August 4, 2016

Having The Courage To Walk In Your Destiny

What are you planting? Ask yourself. Are you planting seeds into the life of your dreams? Or are you waiting until the moment life gives you opportunity for everything to make sense? Wherever you are in your life I want you to be encouraged to plant the seeds of your destiny today.

Every morning I wake up, get dressed, and resume the normalcy of my life. Nothing spectacular happens throughout the day. However, when the day ends and I take a moment to reflect on the day sometimes I ask this where I want to be? Am I in a place to create the life I desire? If I'm being honest with myself sometimes I'm a little disappointed with the results. I mean, I'm in the prime of my life and most days I'm emotionally and spiritually drained from work and life itself. Sometimes it's hard to keep smiling when life throws you curve ball after curve ball. When you're a kid you believe that your life will turn out to be a lot different than your parents or older relatives. You're going to live this larger than life persona. I had dreams of being a top model living in New York walking the runway. Nothing is wrong with dreaming. In fact, it gives you hope that someday those childhood dreams could come true or within reach. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to discover who we are and whom we are becoming. The main ingredient we need in the secret recipe of life is courage. Courage to pursue our dreams. Courage to defy the normalcy of everyday life. Courage to give the naysayers the middle finger and do it your way. Sometimes it's easier to give up than to pursue the life we hold near and dear to our hearts. 

Life is a complex journey that takes you on a mirage of emotions throughout your lifetime. Through it all you have the instinct and the guts to push through obstacle and chase after this vision. This vision that no one else see's, hear's , or even touch. Here's the thing we have to remember courage is going in relentless pursuit of what you want without worrying about defeat or rejection. You have to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that your dreams matter, your vision will alter the way the world does things, and that only you can make it possible. 

Having the courage to create the life you want begins with you. Do you tell yourself next year will be the year you write that bestseller, start a business, take a new hobby, or even see the world? are a procrastinator! Life doesn't wait for the perfect moment where everything in our lives makes sense or has enough balance to add one more thing. This life belongs to those whom create the change they want to see in the world. Create the life you want with just one step. Tell yourself it matters. Reward yourself for accomplishing a goal. Focus on the positive. Delete the negative thoughts and people. Sometimes our minds are so flooded by garbage that it's hard to filter the tangible ideas of what tomorrow holds. You owe it to yourself to create the life you desire. Challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday or last year.  Nothing can stop you but you.

Here are a few tips to help you live courageously :

1. Don't settle for no. For every no you receive, remind yourself that there is a yes right around the corner.
2. For every failure, there is a success story at the end. Failure builds character and perseverance. Just because we can't have it all at once doesn't make the goal obsolete. Think outside the box and keep going.
3.Never give up. Giving up is never an option. Never.
4. .P.U.S.H. Pray. Until. Something. Happens.
5. Destiny belongs to those who claim it. Claim your dreams. Own it. Write your name on it. Share it with the world. Trust your instinct.

When life knocks you down. Have faith in the possibility that this is something you will overcome. We all have the ability to overcome anything life throws in our direction. I challenge you to write down all of your wild and crazy dreams, place them inside a bible, pray for the life of your dreams, erase doubt, and work consistently towards the life you deserve. Believe me when the desires of your heart begin to manifest, the things that held you back or blocked you will become a thing of the past.