Sunday, August 14, 2016

Online Dating : Pursuit of Love Online

            In my latest e-book, Upside Down In Love,  I'm exploring the concept of actually falling in love online with a stranger. Crazy? Not really. Whether you've swiped right or left, pinched, poked, dm'd, or browse through your friend list for your next fling. Dating online is not that uncommon nowadays. I, for one am proud to say I've visited, deleted, and rejoined a few online dating websites. No, Prince Charming here. Lol! As a modern day woman my days are filled with work, homework, doctor appointments, family drama, and whatever else that left on my to do list running into the next day. Dating online is super convenient for my lifestyle. Who wants to get all dressed up for a blind date and you haven't browsed his Facebook page ? I don't. Technology allows us a small window into our beloveds personal thoughts and special moments. Trust me, it helps when you're looking to settle down in the near future. In the 21st century we can request rides from a stranger, publish books overnight, GPS direction, and start our cars with a push of the button. To say dating online is crazy is kind of far fetched. Now, just because the various dating websites advertise finding love and romance online doesn't guarantee happily ever after. Hey, there's a little work involved. 

Whether you're looking for something casual, a relationship, or something in between there is a lane just for you online. So, the question falling in love online possible? In Upside Down In Love, main character, Malia James, is a thirty something  successful bakery owner fed up with the Netflix and Chill syndrome, failed first dates, and I'm just not that into relationships that expire after two weeks. While browsing online one night she connects with a handsome stranger miles away. There's nothing wrong with having fun online. However, when sweet nothings turn into virtual dates and late night phone calls, a girl can only follow her heart into relationshipville. Although Malia doesn't have a problem meeting men on a regular basis there something special about her online love that she can't seem to let go. If you're dating in the 21st century especially as an African American woman our dating pool is shallow and almost extinct. Don't get me wrong! There are a few gems out there among all of the rhinestones. Trust me, they are hard to find, snatched up, or not looking to settle down any time soon. Well, as my main character Malia learns love and life waits for no one.  Although, Malia doesn't have a small family at home. She endures the challenges of finding someone to love and support her in her endeavors. Sorry ladies, we can't pull up to the drive through and order a man...not yet anyway. My focus with this character is to allow her to be free and vulnerable online to the point where she feels safe, sexy, and confident enough to allow love to enter her life on her terms.

Following your heart and making logical sense are on two different pages. Following your heart makes you vulnerable and open to heart break. Heartbreak is something that we all have experienced at least once or twice in our lifetime. You go into a new relationship hoping for the best and six or ten months down the line you're starting over with someone new. Ouch! Despite how brutal the heartache may be, we all jump back into the drivers seat of love and go along for the next joyride. Why? Because love is something we all innately desire and search for throughout our entire lifetime. No one wants to spend special moments alone. Having someone to share a laugh, a secret, a hug, or even a kiss is worth the dilemma or possibility of happily ever after. 

My sister is by far the most logical and analytical person I know on the entire planet. It drives me nuts!! Of course, logic always or at least almost out ways impulse. Logic says meet someone organically like your parents or grandparents did before technology invaded our lives. Logic and stats agree that the person sitting behind their computer screen could possibly be a murder or the love of your life. You never really know. Logic helps us to see clearly when our minds hearts become a little entangled in our emotions. So, logic definitely serves a purpose.

After you read Upside Down In Love, I hope you take the positive message overall from the book : Love is possible for all of us. Sure, it may be a bit strange to fall in love with someone behind a computer screen or imagine the sound of someone voice through a text message. But, the reality is these are times we live in, no don't have to allow technology to supersede a natural connection with someone. However, life's too short not to take a risk online and see what happens. Proceed with caution. Lead with an open mind and heart. Allow the love you desire to come into your life when you least expect it. Trust is out there ! :) If you have a funny and positive experience about finding love online, please leave a comment below. Thank you!!

Upside Down In Love available August 31, 2016 e-book only

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