Thursday, September 15, 2016

One on One with Author Loureva Watson-Slade of THE THING ABOUT LOVE


1  `1. Describe yourself as a writer.

I write the type of stories I want to read—sweet stories with a message. All of them are rated somewhere between G and PG-13. They are realistic, quick, and easy reads. I write stories about characters who are good people who sometimes make “not so good” decisions. My stories aren’t drama or action packed nor are they full of profanity. I’ve written those types of things in the past, but the older I get the more I want to write something meaningful that I would be proud if my great-great grandchildren were to read.

I’d also have to say that my writing gets right to the point. Growing up I never liked lengthy class discussions where we had to figure out what the author was saying or what “the red jacket” symbolized. I save readers the trouble and tell them exactly what I mean in each story. If anything symbolizes anything, you can be sure I say that as well. Readers can take what I’m saying a step further if they choose, but either way they won’t miss my point. They can either agree or disagree and begin the discussions there.

2.      You're an author and mom. What's your secret to balancing career and family?

The secret is to put God first, seek His direction about how to spend your time, and be unapologetic about eliminating things or separating from relationships and situations that don’t serve your purpose.

I believe it is important to sit down and take a real look at life and decide what things matter most. Life (on this side of eternity) is short. Even if I live to be 100 years old life is too short to be stressed out over things that, in the end, won’t matter. Some people feel like they can’t stop something until it’s finished. I have no problem stopping something if it doesn’t serve a greater purpose. I will quit anything or remove myself from any situation that puts my mental health at risk. Being the best person I can be requires that I am sane—I refuse to entertain unnecessary stressors.

My marriage, my family, my speaking, and my writing are my ministry. Anything else that I have not been called to do has to go if it begins to negatively affect the people and things that matter most in my life. I’m unapologetic about it.

If I leave this earth tomorrow I’m certain my husband and children will be able to say with conviction that I loved God above all else, that I loved them with everything I had, and that I loved others deeply. They will also say that I would quit anything if it made the most sense to quit…and along that line they will know that nothing I let go of should have stayed in my grasp and nothing I held on to should have been let go of. I’m quite alright with that!

3.      Tell us about THE THING ABOUT LOVE

THE THING ABOUT LOVE is a collection of 14 short stories set in urban Los Angeles. The stories are about love relationships between parent and child, husband and wife, friend and foe, and God and humanity.  All the stories are inspired by things I’ve experienced myself (to some degree) and the lessons I learned about love as a result. It is a clean, light, and inspirational read that I honestly feel can be appreciated by readers of all ages.

4.      What do you want the reader to take away from the collection?

I was raised in church. One of the main lessons I learned in church is that God is love and that He loves me. I believed it, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my oldest daughter that I truly understood how deeply He loves me. I was the daughter of a pastor. 20 years old. Unmarried. I was so ashamed of myself. I asked God to help me and I clearly heard Him say that everything would be alright…that He would be her Father…and that He loved me. In spite of what I had done, He wasn’t angry with me. I didn’t have to be ashamed. All I felt was His relentless love. There’s nothing else like it.

Years later my mother and father were diagnosed with terminal cancer. My father passed away in July of 2012 and my mother in November of the same year. Dealing with their illnesses and then their deaths was very difficult for me. They were my heart. In the midst of my grief, I felt like God was with me, holding me tightly in His arms—assuring me that He loved me and that things would be alright. He gently prepared me for the inevitable and blessed me with a peace that even I didn’t fully understand. There’s no one else like Him.

Feeling His love, being wrapped in His arms—that is the feeling I hope readers take away from this collection. If they feel only a fraction of what I feel I’m confident their lives will never be the same. There is nothing greater…there is nothing more powerful in this world than God’s love.

My hope is that readers will be able to feel love on each and every page of my collection. I hope they will look at others through the eyes of love and offer a kind word or a helping hand or a listening ear to those who could use it. What it all boils down to is that true love NEVER fails. It brings out the best in us if we open ourselves to it. I hope my collection encourages readers to do just that.

5.      If your life was made into a movie. Who would have the honor of playing you?

I would be honored if Meagan Good was cast as me. J I have so much respect for her and from watching her growth as a woman of God, I believe that she would understand my testimony enough to do it justice.

6.      How can readers purchase a copy of THE THING ABOUT LOVE?

For an autographed copy of THE THING ABOUT LOVE, visit my website,, or order a digital copy online at

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